AWS : How to avoid charges incurred by GetMetricData API in the free tier AWS Budgets Service

Problem statement:

AWS free tier account bill was showing following charges : $0.01 per 1,000 metrics requested using GetMetricData API

I had created one cost budget in the mumbai region. While configuring the threshold for the budget, I had selected the “Forecasted Cost” option instead of actual cost. Seems selecting the forecasted cost option enabled the CloudWatch Anomaly Detection on the metrics. I could see 2 models under the CallCount metrics for the API resource “GetMetricData”. Anomaly detection was enabled for “sum” and “average” for the CallCount Metric

Action Taken:
Delete the models for both sum and average. Disable the anomaly detection for metric CallCount. Change the threshold for the created budget and configure it to use actual cost instead of forecasted cost for threshold.

Screenshots for the solution:



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